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Brandex India is a leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. Brandex Solutions has been providing SMS based services for over 2 years. Brandex Solutions is provider for customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.

We also provide very reliable bulk SMS gateways for integration into websites, web applications, online shopping carts, banking solutions, online networking sites, share trading software, and other applications. Our online SMS tool, HTTP API, and Excel plug-in are provided free of cost to our users backed up by our excellent support team.

Any corporate has a many reason to celebrate in its business…be it a top-level business strategy meetings, National Sales Conference, A memorable jubilee occasion, a new vendor meet, crossing a turnover landmark, a new plant inauguration, a prestigious award celebration or more at a more earthly level a gala get together of employees just to have simple good fun!

Such important occasions provide a company with the opportunity to share its achievements with its clients and employees and build huge morale amongst one and all. Events also enhance the business profile and prestige of the company. The best corporates greatly value people the ultimate resource in a company. It helps to connect with people in a way like none other and integrate the workplace into their lives effectively.

 Our Corporate Events Services Includes :
   •    Creation of ambience desired at proposed venues
   •    Design the event and all related activities.
   •    Recommend performing artists.
   •    Supervise Pre-event and Post-event matters.
   •    Be a single point of coordination with your company.

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